Department of Public Safety Personnel

Meet the Department of Public Safety Personnel


Daniel ColonnoChief of Police
Daniel Colonno
Executive Director

Mark DenaultLieutenant of Police
Mark Denault
Assistant Director

Natasha AntonaPolice Officer
Natasha Antona

Brett PiercePolice Officer
Brett Pierce

Cody AlvarezPolice Officer
Cody Alvarez

Justin BiasinPolice Officer
Justin Biasin

Peter UrbanowiczPolice Officer
Peter Urbanowicz


Brian ChristianRecruit Police Officer
Brian Christian

Noah CurranRecruit Police Officer
Noah Curran
Silhouetted imageOffice Manager
Janice Dzbenski

Silhouetted imageDispatcher
Rosetta Sherman

Ryan FrazerDispatcher
Ryan Frazer

Joel DenaultDispatcher
Joel Denault

Joshua LincolnDispatcher
Joshua Lincoln

Mitch MalloyDispatcher
Mitchell Malloy

Christy LemoineDispatcher
Christy Lemoine