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InternshipAn internship is a short-term, supervised opportunity for students to gain practical experience in a particular field. An internship can be for pay and/or academic credit. MCLA awards one credit for every 45 hours worked at an internship. Therefor, a 3-credit internship would require 135 hours. It is at the discretion of the supervisor regarding how these hours are to be distributed. To successfully enroll in an internship, a student must first secure an MCLA faculty sponsor and receive approval from a department chairperson. This process is completed through an online internship application. The MCLA Faculty Sponsor must initiate an internship application. Students cannot initiate an internship application.

To be considered an internship, a position must:

  • Provide a clear job description with desired qualifications.
  • Have clearly defined learning objectives/goals that are agreed upon by both the supervisor, the intern, and the MCLA Faculty Sponsor. This information is to be completed as part of the MCLA Internship Application.
  • Provide a learning experience that applies knowledge gained in the classroom directly to the work environment.
  • Be supervised by a professional who will offer routine feedback to the intern and will complete formal evaluations at the mid-point and conclusion of the internship. Supervisors may elect to use their own evaluation form or that which is available through the MCLA Career Services Office.
  • Maintain a consistent work schedule and have responsibilities similar to that of a staff member.
Internship Applications and guides are available through the following links:

Internship Application Form

Internship Incentive Program

Internship Placements

Summer 23

Fall 23

Spring 24

Virtual Career Fair Fall 23


  Employer Internship Guide

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