Prepare for successThe student internship experience is very important to us at MCLA.  It is our goal to have each of our students complete at least one internship, before graduating from MCLA.  Each year, we bring employers to you. We host an annual career and internships fair and an eight-week, themed student-employer engagement program called "Career Kick Start." These events attract over 100 employers/recruiters to the MCLA campus each year.

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At MCLA, we take a holistic approach to internships. Faculty are engaged in making connections with employers and ensuring the best learning outcomes for our students. Career Services connects students with new opportunities and prepares students with individually tailored resumes and cover letters that highlight their greatest strengths as a prospective intern.

Dress for Success 

There are many great options for dressing for success in the evolving worlds of work and interviewing. Here is an example for your reference.
Professional Dress

MCLA Career Services has a professional who is dedicated solely to the internship experience. Tony Napolitano connects with local, regional, and national employers to ensure our students have access to the greatest depth and breadth of internship opportunities. Please contact Tony at or 413-662-5332 to set up an internship consultation at any time.