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"There exists within this department such fervent flexibility, distinguished degree of intelligent instruction, and innovative scholarship. Above all, the faculty-student interaction is one of fundamental nurturance. This department is the reason I came; this department is the reason I stayed."  Jacob Wheeler '12  

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A curriculum based on reading, discussing, and writing about traditional and contemporary philosophical texts challenges you to engage in analytical and synthetic thinking, questioning and critique, clear and systematic communication and dialogue, and powerful, effective writing.  

Why MCLA is Different

Our faculty seek to instill in you a greater appreciation for history and for the life of the mind and heart. We have a variety of specialty areas including social and political philosophy, history of philosophy, epistemology and metaphysics, ethics, and social ontology. In addition to the core curriculum, you can choose a concentration in law, ethics, and society. You also have the opportunity to pursue licensure as an early childhood or elementary school teacher.

Philosophy may seem daunting at first, but it is beneficial to everyone who studies it. Our faculty provide structure and guidance to help you excel not only in your Philosophy courses, but across the curriculum. We encourage you to begin with our Guide for Studying Philosophy

The Philosophy Society

Philosophy student in classAre you a seeker of knowledge? Are you interested in meeting with other students who share your love for wisdom? Then please join the Philosophy Society, a group of MCLA students who regularly meet to participate in various social activities and discussions. The Philosophy Society provides a friendly, intellectual experience for the campus community that extends beyond the confines of the classroom. 

Thesis XII

This is a forum for the open and respectful exchange of philosophical ideas between professionals, students, and those outside the academic community.

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