Office of Student Financial Services

Billing Checklist

Whether you are a new or a returning student, the Office of Student Financial Services advises that you use this checklist after receiving your bill.

Make a Health Insurance Decision

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all undergraduate students enrolled for 9 or more credits and all graduate students enrolled for 7 or more credits to have health insurance. Once every academic year, students waive or enroll in the insurance if they meet this requirement. If a student already waives in the fall semester, they will not be required to waive in the spring semester. This requirement will be posted as a charge on the bill only if the student needs to do this.

  • To waive OR enroll in the health insurance, visit the University Health Plans website.
  • Waivers or enrollments are usually reflected on an account within 24-48 business hours. Revised paper bills or eBills are not issued when a health insurance waiver has been processed, but are available upon request of the student.

Complete a FERPA Form

MCLA cannot release any financial information, including refunds, pertaining to an account to anyone but the student. In order to release information to others, the student must complete a FERPA form. The student has the right to rescind this authorization at any time throughout the academic year. (Please note that completing the FERPA form does not grant online account access as an Authorized User.)

Verify Completion of Financial Aid File (if applicable)

In order for a student to receive any financial aid, including Federal Student Loans, the student must complete the FAFSA and any other documentation as required by the MCLA Financial Aid Office. Accepted aid will be shown as a credit on the invoice.  

  • A student who is a first-time Federal Loan borrower must complete mandatory Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note for Federal Student Loans to be credited on an account.
  • If a student has an incomplete file with Financial Aid, financial aid will not show on the bill. Contact Financial Aid at 413-662-5219 or for assistance.
  • If a student has a credit balance on the bill after all financial aid has been applied, that student may be eligible for a book advance

Complete Intent to Attend MCLA Form

This form is available for students to complete electronically on Banner Self Service. All registered students must complete this form each semester, regardless of whether there is a balance owed to MCLA.

Enroll in Electronic Refunds/Verify Your Banking with BankMobile

All students are strongly encouraged to enroll in BankMobile for electronic refunds, even if they do not typically receive a refund. This will expedite the return of funds should a refund become available on a student's account.

  • New students will a bright green envelope from BankMobile with a personal activaction code used to set up their accounts. They will also receive an email. If a student did not receive their code, they can visit and click "Need a Code?"
  • Students who have already enrolled in BankMobile can view/update their accout at anytime by logging into

Pay Your Bill/Make Acceptable Payment Arrangement By Due Date*

To remain enrolled in coursework, students have the following options for payment:

  • Pay the balance online with credit card or ACH.**
  • Pay the balance fee free with cash (in-office only) or personal check/money order.
  • Apply for an alternative student loan or Federal Parent Plus Loan.
  • Enroll in a monthly payment plan by Nelnet. For costs and schedules, or to enroll, visit



*The Student Accounts office reserves the right to request payment in advance for coursework if a student has demonstrated an unsatisfactory payment history, or has defaulted on a prior payment arrangement. This includes any default of prior monthly payment plans, and/or repeated collection efforts.

**Credit card and ACH payments are not processed on the phone and must be made online. ACH payments are fee free, but credit/debit card payments are subject to a credit card processing fee. If someone besides the student wants to pay by credit card or ACH, the student will need to authorize them as a user. Instructions for adding an authorized user are available here.