This Summer, we're offering virtual and in-person support (you can make an appointment on Bookings). Check out our Fall schedule below for a sneak peak of what's ahead!

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Fall Schedule

To try to accommodate different schedules, we'll be offering a rotating series of workshops on three topics: structure, students, and support. The calendar below gives a big-picture overview, and you can find individual session descriptions below. All our workshops will be HyFlex: attend in-person, live on Teams, or watch the recording later! (Snacks provided only to in-person attendees, though. :)

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Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec calendar with rotating workshops marked with symbols.


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T 9/7 - 9:45-10:45 AM: "I Love Reading the Syllabus!"

Why is this a sentence no one has uttered, ever? Let’s look seriously at the answers, and discover some structural techniques we can use to encourage students’ engagement with this essential document. 

W 9/15 - 1-2 PM: ID 101: Principles of Instructional Design

In this 1st of a 3-workshop series, Jessica Yurkofsky gives an overview of the theory and practice of the field of instructional design, and its deep connections with other areas within the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). 

TH 9/23 - 2-3 PM: Modules = Integration (not IKEA)

Mass-produced, prefab content seems like what Modules are all about, right? Not really! Using Modules enables creative, integrative workflows for students in a Canvas course, by building the functional connections you want.

F 10/1 - 10-11 AM: "Where Am I Going?" Outcomes as Course Map

When starting a trip, we usually want to know our destination, and probably at least some of the directions along the way, too. Understanding outcomes through the metaphor of a map just might be a useful way to approach your course design!

M 10/4 - 1-2 PM: Mobile Thinking: Your Course on the Small Screen

Not only do a vast majority of students use smartphones for learning, there are major issues of access and equity in the devices we assume students have – and thus, how we assume they see our content. Let’s explore the consequences. 

T 10/12 - 9:45-10:45 AM: Practicing Equity through UDL 

Can the ways you build digital objects reflect a commitment to equity? Yes! We’ll look at some specific examples of how Universal Design for Learning can shape your materials, curricula, and course policies. 

TH 10/28 - 2-3 PM: Team Up: Sync Your Canvas Course with Teams 

One of the brand-new Microsoft/Canvas integrations lets you easily create, and enroll, a Team workspace based on your Canvas course. We’ll demonstrate how it works, and the advantages it provides you and your students. 

F 11/5 - 10-11 AM: Simple Visual Code Editing 

If you’ve ever noticed a limitation to what you can do in the “ordinary” Canvas editor, you’ll love Codeframe, a tool that lets you edit code side-by-side with its visual results, so you can learn by doing, a step at a time.

M 11/8 - 1-2 PM: Stream Update: Videos in OneDrive 

Now that Microsoft has changed the way video recordings are saved, are there any differences you should be aware of? We’ll highlight a few, and talk about what they mean for you, as well as other changes on the horizon. 

T 11/16 - 9:45-10:45 AM: Badgr: Digital Credentials @ MCLA 

We’ll look at 2 MCLA programs using Badgr digital badges, and see how they’re taking advantage of a digitally secure, portable, verifiable credential, to recognize and encourage transferability of student skills. 

W 11/24 - 1-2 PM: "But How Do You Know?" Stats and Analytics Tools 

Not everything that counts is countable, true… but it certainly helps to know what you have available, especially if you’re curious about online engagement. We’ll review the various ways you can find out who’s clicking what, when. 

TH 12/2 - 2-3 PM: Flex for Success: Rigor and Reality in Academia 

2020 taught many of us that success doesn’t require rigidity – and that thoughtful flexibility is a pedagogical value that expands equity. A discussion about what we experienced, and what we can take from it going forward. 

F 12/10 - 10-11 AM: End-of-Term Checklist: Incompletes and More 

The end of a semester can get hectic – let Academic Technology help you keep track of the various steps to make sure that you shut down, extend, or save your digital resources before heading off to the holidays. 


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W 9/8 - 1-2 PM: Rebuilding Classroom Presence 

We were forced to build and sustain human connections online. As we make our way back into shared physical spaces, how do we, and our students, navigate a transition that can seem every bit as daunting as in the other direction? 

TH 9/16 - 2-3 PM: New Tool: 

Writing in the margins of documents is a time-honored practice for shared thinking about texts. Based on a spring pilot, Academic Technology is offering a year of, a digital collaborative annotation tool. 

F 9/24 - 10-11 AM: De-Mystify the Hidden Curriculum 

We’d never intentionally use language students don’t understand: but “insider” academic language can sometimes silently work against our best efforts to expand access. We’ll examine strategies to counteract this habit. 

M 9/27 - 1-2 PM: "Worksheet" Assignments with OneDrive & Canvas

The newest integration between Canvas and Microsoft enables a useful new Assignment model: the digital worksheet. Learn how to build Assignments where each student gets their own copy of your document, to complete and submit. 

T 10/5 - 9:45-10:45 AM: 5 Dangerous Assumptions About Students & Tech

Have you ever heard someone call students “digital natives”? If so, you’ve encountered an assumption about students and tech that can cause more harm than good! We’ll look at 5 such generalizations to avoid, and why. 

W 10/13 - 1-2 PM: ID 102: Principles of Instructional Design

In this 2nd of a 3-workshop series, Jessica Yurkofsky gives an overview of the theory and practice of the field of instructional design, and its deep connections with other areas within the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). 

TH 10/21 - 2-3 PM: Student Voices: Tech in Student Life

This session features a guest student presenter, providing an insider’s view into some of the ways that technology is built into students’ experience with different elements of student life, on campus and off. 

F 10/29 - 10-11 AM: 5 OERs You'll Never Stop Using

Freel Library and AcTech join forces to bring you 5 of the best high-quality, free resources to use with students. From text to media, we guarantee these open educational resources will be a permanent part of your teaching toolkit! 

M 11/1 - 1-2 PM: Tech is not Neutral: Encoding Your Values in Your Tools

The shape of scissors assumes that most users are right-handed. The assumptions built into software code can be much more complex, invisible… and potentially problematic. Let’s step back to align our tools with our values. 

T 11/9 - 9:45-10:45 AM: Walking a Mile: Tools to Access Students' Experiences

Stepping imaginatively into the metaphorical footwear of students is a fascinating way to gain insight and perspective. We’ll look at 2 ways you can put on students’ digital Nikes, to see familiar items through a new lens. 

W 11/17 - 1-2 PM: Student Voices: Tech in Student Support

This session features a guest student presenter, providing an insider’s view into some of the ways that technology is built into students’ experience with student support services at the college. 

F 12/3 - 10-11 AM: Tools for Student-Guided Design and Feedback

Many of us want to support more student ownership and autonomy in their learning; but the processes to enact this can add time and effort to teaching. We’ll offer techniques to help streamline your steps. 

M 12/6 - 1-2 PM: Graceful Shutdown: Helping Students Wrap the Semester

There’s good reason we don’t just yank the power cord out of the wall to shut down our computers! Similarly, we can help students conclude their semester in ways that prepare them to start the spring term successfully. 


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TH 9/9 - 2-3 PM: Student Tech Readiness: F8W Orientation 

This Fall, we’re launching a tech orientation to give students the skills to be successful in the classroom. As a professor, you’ll be able to assign it to your students and confirm completion with a digital badge! We’ll show you the easy 3-step process to use it in your courses. 

F 9/17 - 10-11 AM: Early & Often: Dropout Detective for Persistence

Did you know the first 2 weeks of a term are an important timeframe for supporting students’ academic success? We’ll examine research into the connection, and discuss how to use Dropout Detective in this critical window. 

M 9/20 - 1-2 PM: Check Your Work: 2 Analysis Tools for Accessibility

Can you meaningfully improve the accessibility of your courses without becoming an “expert”? Absolutely! We’ll show you how to use 2 different analysis tools that make it easy to make a difference – no code required. 

T 9/28 - 9:45-10:45 AM: New: Turnitin Upgrade

Over the summer, we upgraded the plagiarism detection tool Turnitin. While this won’t substantially alter your experience, we’ll show you a handful of new customization features that give you more control in using it. 

W 10/6 - 1-2 PM: 5 Tips for Making Viral (Instructional) Videos

So maybe your analysis of the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem isn’t likely to become next week’s TikTok craze. But you can absolutely use these tips to make your instructional videos a bit more fun and engaging. Like, share, subscribe! 

TH 10/14 - 2-3 PM: Video Equipment @ MCLA

In this challenging past year, we’ve heard from both students and faculty how helpful recorded lecture videos can be. This session will highlight the video equipment available to you (yes, PTZ cameras, but also so much more!), and some tips for creating evergreen video content. 

F 10/22 - 10-11 AM: Advising Dashboard in Argos

Join the 50+ faculty at MCLA who are using this database-driven dashboard to access and manage advisees’ information in realtime and all in one place, without having to log in to multiple systems. 

M 10/25 - 1-2 PM: What's New in Degree Works?

A session designed for you if you’re new to using Degree Works – or if you just want a refresher since last year’s updates! We’ll cover the purpose of the tool, and how it’s used by students, advisors, and department chairs. 

T 11/2 - 9:45-10:45 AM: Accessibility Tech @ MCLA

This session features guest speaker Andrea Petley, our new Accessibility Specialist for Disability Resources. She’ll introduce the many tools MCLA offers to make technology and digital content more accessible. Text-to-speech, speech-to-text, distraction reduction, and more! 

W 11/10 - 1-2 PM: ID 103: Instructional Design Principles

In this 3rd of a 3-workshop series, Jessica Yurkofsky gives an overview of the theory and practice of the field of instructional design, and its deep connections with other areas within the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

TH 11/18 - 2-3 PM: Your Digital Security Toolkit

OK, so you know digital security is important, but where do you even start? In this workshop, we’ll give an overview of common security threats and share low-effort, high-impact steps you can take to protect your digital data and identity. 

M 11/29 - 1-2 PM: Digital De-Stress Strategies 

Over these past months of remote everything, our devices have been both a vital tool for staying connected… and a stressor we wish we could step away from. We’ll explore tools and strategies to make the most of your digital devices while supporting your body and spirit. 

T 12/7 - 9:45-10:45 AM: Mind the Gap: Carrying Insights Over The Break

How can we make sure that things we’ve learned from this term’s experience don’t get lost when we take the semester break? Academic Technology will facilitate a conversation to listen to your recommendations!