Office of Student Financial Services

Tuition Insurance Information

As a supplement to the Withdrawal and College Refund Policy, MCLA is proud to offer tuition insurance through GradGuard for the 2021-2022 academic year. This optional coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room, board and other fees for covered illness/injury or mental health condition withdrawals at any time during the semester. The deadline to apply is the day before the first day of classes each semester.

Fall 2021 Information: The deadline to enroll in tuition insurance for the fall 2021 semester is August 31, 2021. The cost per term is 1.80% of the insured amount. (e.g. If you want to insure $10,000.00, the cost would be $180.00.) If you enroll in the tuition insurance program through GradGuard, the minimum policy cover is $1,500.00.

Learn more at on the or call 1-877-794-6603.

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