MCLA Hosts Virtual Information Session on Continuing Education and Graduate Programs

July 27, 2022




WHAT:   MCLA’s Summer Science and Robotics Camp 

In between specific times, the group will be stationed in the Robotics Lab in Bowman Hall, room #102 or on the Campus Quad. Please inquire and set up a time or drop-in for a photo opportunity.  

Wednesday, July 27 
Afternoon: Bug collecting with Dan Shustack 

Thursday, July 28 
Morning : Bug analysis with Dan Shustack at CSI 

Friday, July 29 
1 p.m.: Robotic Demonstration in Bowman Hall 

WHEN:  July 27-29, 2022 

WHERE:  375 Church St., North Adams, MA - various locations 

WHO:  MCLA Director of Programs Barb Emanuel, Professor of Environmental Studies Dan Schustack, and Camp Director Paul Allen