DEI Working Groups

As of May 31, 2017

Programming/Training – Convener:  Kerri Nicoll

This Working Group is charged with developing and implementing campus programming and building collaborative initiatives to bring diverse speakers and trainers to MCLA and where appropriate the wider community to facilitate campus conversations on diversity and inclusion and that promotes structured dialogue on important issues that may be difficult or divisive 

  • Sumi Colligan
  • Maria Bartini
  • Chris Tate
  • Amanda Beckwith
  • Robert Bouquet

Policy Review – Convener: 

This Working Group is charged with the regular review of College policies and practices to ensure they are equitable and reflect up to date, research-based strategies and objectives. This group will make recommendations for policy and practice modification when they are found to have adverse impact on students from diverse or marginalized populations.

  • Catherine McKeen
  • Samantha Giffin

Recruitment/Support for Students – Convener: Kayla Hollins

This Working Group is charged with reviewing student recruitment practices and diversity support structures that foster retention and success of all students, in and out of the classroom.  This group will make recommendations to improve these practices and supports. Members include:

  • Mariana Bolivar
  • Catherine McKeen
  • Celia Norcross
  • Chali Nondo
  • Michael Obasohan

MCLA/North Adams Collaboration – Convener:

This Working Group is charged with considering ways to interface with the wider North Adams and Northern Berkshires community regarding the importance and furtherance of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Chris Tate
  • Michael Obasohan

Supportive and Inclusive Community (SIC) Survey – Convener(s): Celia Norcross and Chali Nondo

This Working Group is charged with analyzing the findings of the SIC Surveys and subsequent feedback from the numerous presentations to the community and specific campus groups and to recommend a set of actions to the President. This group will also determine the need for additional follow-up information to implement accepted recommendations.