Press Release Template

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Write a Succinct Headline Describing Topic of Press Release

NORTH ADAMS, MASS. — The first paragraph of an event release includes the College’s name and mentions the guest’s name, their title (if applicable), as well as the event title and the time, date, and place the event will be held. (Example: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) announces environmentalist John Smith will deliver a lecture, “Green Living in the Berkshires,” at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 30, in the Sammer Dennis Room, Murdock Hall Room 218.)

State if the event is free and open to the public. If applicable, include admission and ticket information, sponsoring organization(s).

The body of the release should include a description of the speaker or performer and his/her program or lecture. Most releases are about 500 words or less.

If you have a quote from a well-known publication about the speaker, include it with attribution.

In the next paragraph, include a biography about the speaker or group that is coming to campus. This may begin with a short description of the person’s job and additional title information, and about the company/organization they are with. If your event is a performance, also would be appropriate to include a description here.

The bio can continue with additional information, such as an earlier history or background and previous positions.

Also include the guest’s educational background, listing the most recent degree and where it was earned, and ending with the oldest degree. (Example: Smith holds a master’s degree in urban and environmental planning from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va.; a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.; and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.)

In addition, you may include any membership in organizations here. (Example: Smith is a member of the American Planning Association and the American Institute of Certified Planners.)

Inform the reader how they can find more information, such as a website or the name of a contact with their e-mail and telephone number.

End the release with the College’s boilerplate:

About MCLA:
At MCLA, we’re here for all — and focused on each — of our students. Classes are taught by educators who care deeply about teaching, and about seeing their students thrive on every level of their lives. In nearly every way possible, the experience at MCLA is designed to elevate our students as individuals, as leaders, communicators, fully empowered to make their impressions on the world. In addition to our 125-year commitment to public education we have fortified our commitment to equitable academic excellence. For eight of the last 10 years, MCLA has been named a Top Ten College by U.S. News and World Report. MCLA also appears on the organization’s list of top National Public Liberal Arts Colleges, as well as on the top 50 schools in U.S. News’ Social Mobility Ranking, which measures how well schools graduate students who receive Federal Pell Grants.

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