Community Standards

Community Standards

 The MCLA Community Standards (also referred to as the Student Handbook) provides students with information on many aspects of college life such as policies and procedures, community resources, organizations, and services. This document applies to all students enrolled in one or more classes at MCLA.  Each year, the College updates the Community Standards document to ensure students are provided with the most accurate references and resource information.  

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with this document, as rules and regulations are outlined which govern the standards the College community. It is the belief of the institution that the information provided in the Community Standards also serves to enhance the experiences and highlight the resources available to students of the College. 

This document does not contain all rules and regulations now in effect at MCLA. Students are also referred to the MCLA Catalog, Residence Life & Housing publications, and other department policy documents for further institutional information.  

Due to limitations of space, many State and Federal laws as well as some College policies and procedures are only referenced. Students are, therefore, encouraged to ask questions of appropriate offices. 

As a supplement to the information provided in the Community Standards, the Student Affairs Offices and staff assist students who are unsure where to go for general assistance and/or answers to questions. When in doubt about where to go for help, students are encouraged to start with the Student Affairs Offices located on the 3rd floor of the Amsler Campus Center. 

MCLA Community policies, as stated in this Community Standards/Student Handbook document, are subject to change. The College may amend policies and procedures at any time, giving the community reasonable notice of the changes to students via the MCLA email address and posted on the website. For the most recent and accurate Community Standards, please refer to the MCLA website where any changes will be updated.

The Community Standards document is published by the Dean of Students Office, Division of Student Affairs at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.