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Marina Dominguez - Cima Khademi - Shailja Patel 

Clemente Sajquiy - Hanna Sobolieva

June 7 - July 14 at Gallery 51

Opening Reception June 7, 5-7:30 pm 

In 2023, the Studios at MASS MoCA and The Berkshire Immigrant Center started the Iris Residency to support artists in Western or Central Massachusetts who are born outside the U.S., or identify as first or second generation American. The exhibition, MIGRITUDE (a word coined by Shailja Patel) showcases the work of the five selected Iris Residency fellows - Cima Khademi, Clemente Sajquiy, Marina Dominguez, Hanna Sobolieva, and Shailja Patel - and their different approaches to the continuous process of building connections to both, the old and the new place.

The exhibition MIGRITUDE is curated by the Iris Fellowship coordinators, Carolina Porras-Monroy and Luiza Folegatti.

*To learn more about the Iris Residency: assetsforartists.org/iris-residency

**MIGRITUDE (Kaya Press, 2010) is the bestselling book, based on the internationally touring one-woman show, of poet, activist and exhibiting artist Shailja Patel. The word MIGRITUDE captures the concepts of migrant attitudes and migrants with attitude. It represents a reclaiming of voice and power by migrants who speak for themselves.


luiza folegatti

solo exhibition featuring the work of luiza folegatti 

July 27 - August 25

Opening Reception August 2, 5-7:00 pm

A space for spirits 

marissa baez - delaney keshena - mikayla patton 

September 6 - November 1

Opening Reception Friday, September 6, 5-7:30 pm 

A Space for Spirits introduces the work of three Indigenous artists working with materiality and form. Each artists intentional use of materials are rooted in their own cultural heritage and personal experiences, employing both natural and synthetic materials to explore themes of historical suppression, bodily autonomy, and communal ties. Ash, wax, metal, porcupine quills, paper, animal hide, and plants are central to their narratives. As their works visit new understandings and connections are fostered. 

Sculpture IMikayla Patton Sculpture


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