Title IX

Help for respondents

If you have been accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, stalking, or retaliation this means you are now a “respondent.” It is natural to feel confused, afraid, or overwhelmed. Support resources are available to help you.

If you are supporting someone who is a respondent, you can assist them by getting them connected to resources and support. Below you will find a list of steps you can take to locate support and resources for yourself or for your friend who is a respondent.

You may contact MCLA’s Title IX Coordinator at any time to ask about MCLA’s policies and procedures. Respondents may also inquire about the status of a complaint made against them.

MCLa title ix coordinatorS:

Patrick Connelly
Dean for Title IX, Equal Opportunity, and Student Wellness
Office Location: Amsler Campus Center - Room 105 
Phone: 413-662-5127
Email: patrick.connelly@mcla.edu  
Mailing Address: 375 Church Street, North Adams, MA 01247

Christopher Hays
Human Resources Generalist - Interim Title IX Coordinator and Equal Opportunity Officer for Employees 
Office Location: Eldridge Hall - Suite 209-210
Phone: 413-662-5597
Email: Christopher.Hays@mcla.edu  
Mailing Address: 375 Church Street, North Adams, MA 01247

review MCLa's eo plan

The Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Affirmative Action Plan (EO Plan) contains MCLA’s Title IX Sexual Harassment policies, procedures, and definitions. It is important to re-familiarize yourself with this information as it will be helpful to understand what happens next.

talk to someone you trust and access support services

Campus Resources:

MCLA Counseling Center
MountainOne Wellness Center
Second Floor

Local Resources:

The Brien Center
124 American Legion Drive, North Adams
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 800-252-0227

Massachusetts and National Resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Text Line for People of Color
Text STEVE to 741741

The Trevor Project LGBTQ Suicide Hotline

Trans Lifeline

Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (MATSA)

understand and adhere to supportive or interim measures

Such measures may include a No Contact Order, academic changes (such as changes to a course or your schedule), or restrictions on access to certain campus locations.

If these measures are unduly burdensome, please contact the Title IX Coordinator for adjustments. DO NOT stop following the instructions you have been given before contacting the Title IX Coordinator as failure to follow the instructions may result in additional charges or disciplinary action.

Prepare yourself to engage with the MCLa administrative investigation and resolution process, and/or with law enforcement

You are entitled to have an advisor of your choice during the complaint investigation and resolution process.

For the live hearing, you are required to have an advisor present to ask questions on your behalf. If you do not have an advisor, you can contact the Title IX Coordinator to request that MCLA provide you with an advisor at the hearing at no cost to you.



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