Trailblazer Team

Everyone can be an MCLA Trailblazer! MCLA considers those that support our students' success, whether a parent, guardian, family member, or advocate, a advocate member of their Trailblazer Team.

Trailblazer Team

"Family isn't defined only by last names or by blood; it's defined by commitment and by love."
-Dave Willis


Part of our job at MCLA is to give students and their Trailblazer Team all the necessary information and resources to ensure they are safe and successful! We believe a student's Trailblazer Team is her to influence, mentor, and guide them through all the transitions that may come their way. At MCLA we want to partner with you through every step of your student's journey!

Your student will require support from their Trailblazer Team to navigate all the important steps starting their college career at MCLA. They will continue to rely on that support throughout their college career and beyond.

Welcome to our MCLA family and to your student's Trailblazer Team!


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